Kids React to (Old School) Cameras

film cameraGeneral confusion ensues as these kids try to use a film camera. Film! Described by these kids as ‘photo fluid’ and that magical roll you put in the camera. But, when they find out that you don’t get the pictures until AFTER the film is developed … they’re bordering on disgust. Then, like any good snippet of drama, there’s a turn.

While in the ‘old days’ you needed to spend the time and money to get prints developed, you had prints! These kids live without prints. Without any reminders of who they were or what they did. Proof positive that digital cameras are a godsend…if you PRINT YOUR PHOTOS. Photos that only live on your laptop or in your cell phone don’t really live. Chances are they’re just on a slow road to being totally forgotten.

I’m lucky. I have photo prints of my life, my parents’ lives and my grandparents’ lives. There are even a few of my great-great grandparents. I have photos of backyard barbecues, birthday parties and dance recitals. Make sure your kids can track their memories as well