Camera Scarves to Buy & DIY

photo scarves diy or buy

Scarves. My life wouldn’t be the same without them. I don’t wear a lot of jewelry. So, when I want to dress up (my jeans & t-shirt) I go to scarves. Love them. Keeps me warm in winter, adds some color to whatever I’m wearing and just makes me feel a bit more styled.

So many of us wear our hearts on our sleeves. Now, it’s time to wear your photo passion around your neck with these great camera scarves.

These fabulous camera scarves are all on Etsy. Just search on ‘camera scarf’ and you’ll see even more choices. Here are a few I liked.

camera scarvescamera scarvescamera scarvescamera scarves

The scarf emblazoned with a photo of a vintage camera from M. Scott Photography is available on Etsy in two sizes – 26″ x 26″ or 36″ x 36″.

Gigeelz has a sheer white, lightweight scarf measuring 70″ x 35″. At only $15 this would be great as a gift for someone else … or for you!

Check out this Pashmina styled scarf, silk screened with cameras at $41.

And then, from our friends at Neiman Marcus is a beautiful 4′ x 4′ silk scarf. A bit pricey at $235, but worth it for a special gift.


camera scarvesA scarf doesn’t have to just be a scarf. Why not a camera strap? There are a few you can buy and I’ve also included one you can DIY.


If you want to buy one, Etsy comes through again with the Camera Scarf Store.   If you want to make one yourself, check out the simple instructions from Chrissy Martin Photography. She also has some great photo tips. Check it out!