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Susan SchafferWelcome to Point Shoot Share – a website focused on enabling everyone to take great photos anywhere with (just about) anything and sharing it everywhere.

I love photography. When I got my first job in a photographic company, I was hooked. For many years I headed up the marketing and advertising for camera companies (Olympus, Rollei, Mamiya and Fujifilm) as well as for an online photofinishing biz. A few years ago I left the corporate world to start a marketing consulting business. But my love for photography and cameras continued. I bought a dSLR, took more photos with my smart phone and began learning Photoshop. I was having fun with it all … and then it hit me.

Picture taking and sharing has NEVER been bigger. The photo market has never been bigger or stronger. Yet, everyone in the photo market seemed to feel that the photo market was disappearing. After all, everyone’s using cell phone cameras and the number of people printing photos was shrinking every day.
The photo market has certainly changed. My perspective is that it’s never been stronger, bigger or more exciting.
I started this website to share my love of photography with ‘regular’ people. I discovered that there’s a wealth of information out there for accomplished & aspiring professional photographers, but not much info for regular folks.

My focus will be on how to get the most of your camera, take better photos and share those photos everywhere. Although I do think there are big benefits from a ‘stand-alone’ camera, I believe that’s a personal choice. Whatever you’re using to take photos, you should have the ability to easily learn about photography, cameras and how to share your photos in new (and unique) ways.

Point Shoot Share.

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